What is BasicCare?

BasicCare is the backbone of our "TotalCare" solution, minus the consulting strategy and labor element that GlobalMac IT is known for. It is designed for companies and organizations that need the security and management benefits of an IT provider but not the labor required for major project work and/or help desk support. 

How long does it take to install?

Minutes. Once we deliver your custom-built, signed software package installer, you just run it and a few seconds later you are done, BasicCare is configured and running. 

How do I setup BasicCare on my system?

GlobalMac IT will provide you with a download link to a custom installer for your company. This signed installer can be run on any qualifying Mac that you want to add to your BasicCare contract. Shortly after installation you will be prompted to log out of your Mac to complete the process. Our maintenance process will run which will complete the installation and enrollment in BasicCare. This first maintenance run may take quite some time depending on the condition of your Mac, the update status of all software on your Mac, and your internet speed. GlobalMac IT recommends running this during lunch or at the end of the day as this process may take an extended period of time to complete.

Will BasicCare affect my computer’s speed?

Initially, after BasicCare is installed there is potential for a significant amount of clean up work. The service will complete in the background to optimize your system, so there may be a small impact as the computer goes through the initial setup cycle. This will be affected by the amount of updates that need to be applied and the overall health of your computer(s).

What is Patching?

Patching describes the process of applying updates to software and firmware. This means if you have version 16.18 of Microsoft Word installed and version 16.19 is released, that new version is applied to assure you have the latest features and security updates. Patching does not include upgrades. Upgrades are when a major version is released. For example, Apple releases macOS 10.14 Mojave but you are running macOS 10.13 High Sierra. GlobalMac IT will continue to apply patch updates, eg. 10.13.6, and Security Updates for 10.13, but will not automatically apply an upgrade to the new major version.

What gets patched?

All Apple System Updates are managed including OS updates, Security Updates, MRT and Gatekeeper definitions, and System software including Safari and iTunes. The full Apple Patch List can be found here.  

GlobalMac IT maintains a list of hundreds of software patches at this web page. We also list a number of custom applications at this web page.  

Note that only items with a status of "production" are available for install on your Mac. All other statuses reflect software that is in testing to assure that it meets our security requirements and can be safely patched without causing interruption to your work.

Will it be a good fit for me?

If you value your time and prefer to spend it on billable work on business building activities, you want to remove as many interruptions as possible. We have spent over a decade improving this tool for our clients so that we receive less support tickets, giving them more uptime and far less unplanned catastrophic failures. If those are things you’d like, it’ll be a good fit for you whether you’re a solo with one and only one Mac, or in a larger firm with 5 many Macs.

What is the Contact Menu?

The Contact Menu is a Menu Bar item signified with a "G" icon. The drop-down menu displays several useful links including launching the Managed Software Center app, check for updates, running maintenance on-demand and contacting GlobalMac IT for BasicCare support.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

No problem. We have a 100% money-back guarantee. We are thrilled to bring this to ALL Mac-using attorneys and believe this is a huge time-saver for them. If you feel that’s not the case after you have tried it out, just let us know and we’ll issue a refund.

Does BasicCare have any security features built-in?

Yes, but it should not replace your malware software. BasicCare does scan for and remove adware and malware when possible. If our software cannot remove the adware or malware found, you will receive an alert with further instructions.

What is Managed Software Center?

Managed Software Center is our own version of the Mac App Store. It displays a collection of software that GlobalMac IT has vetted and thinks can benefit our clients. Most titles are free and open source. Any commercial titles will notify the user of the conditions of license and term of trial that the developer has allowed for testing before purchase. Any titles from Managed Software Center that is restricted by a trial term will expire and be rendered unusable per the terms set forth by the developer. You can also check for the status of Apple and Third-party updates by clicking on the "Updates" tab of the Managed Software Center Toolbar.  

How do I add or remove licenses of BasicCare?

BasicCare is charged monthly based on number of devices it is running on. If you want to add a device to the service, simply run the custom installer provided by GlobalMac IT on any qualified Mac. Any additions will be noted and added to your next invoice. To remove a device from BasicCare, click on the "Get support" item in the GlobalMac IT Contact Menu to be directed to our support request form.  

How do I get support for BasicCare?

Click on the "Get support" item in the GlobalMac IT Contact Menu to be directed to our support request form. You can also send an email to basiccare@globalmacit.com.

Does it capture any data or allow screen sharing?

BasicCare doesn’t capture any data or allow screen sharing. Our agent keeps track of the health of a machine, runs updates and maintenance, that’s it.

Is my iPhone or iPad included?

Not at this time

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